A few photos

Xmas 2015, Ilha

At a wedding in northern Mozambique in 2014

At Sunset Boulevard, our project guesthouse and 'HQ', in Mossuril, northern Mozambique, in 2016. 

There are some older photos below in the slideshow:


  1. Question: Are there photo's available of the Hacienda?

    Diana Barnes

  2. I have just finished reading The Hacienda and found it to be top-rate memoir. Well done. It is alive writing and a gutsy story. kiwiwriting.tripod.com

  3. I have loved all of your memoirs and books but The Hacienda has always stolen my heart. I reread it every year for it’s beauty, strength, and obvious love you had for it . You grew into a woman of substance during this time and a writer who mesmerizes with words and thoughts. You feel like an old friend every time I read it. You choose your words carefully and they convey so very much. Your use of language and description draws me into your world, I thank you for sharing such richness of life and travel.

  4. Beautiful poetic memoir. I want to be there with you. Magical. Thank you for putting into words the things that only the heart can see. I feel privileged to be invited to feel that part of your journey. Thank you for writing the Hacienda.

  5. I like your Great Railway Journeys episode where you try to attempt to get from Santos to Santa Cruz. :)