Mozambique Mysteries (Virago, 2007 - memoir)
Mozambique Mysteries on Virago

Swallowing Stones (US title of Otto, 2007 - biography/novel)
Swallowing Stones at Harper Collins

Memory Maps (Virago, 2003 - memoir)
Memory Maps on Virago

Elements of Italy (Virago, 2001 - anthology)
Elements of Italy on Virago

Southpaw (Virago, 2000 - short stories)
Southpaw on Virago

The Palace (Harper Collins, 2000 - novel)
The Palace at Harper Collins

The Virago Book of Wanderlust  & Dreams
The Virago Book of Wanderlust & Dreams on Virago

Indiscreet Journeys: Stories of Women on the Road (Virago, 1999 - anthology)
Indiscreet Journeys on Amazon

The Hacienda (Virago, 1998 - memoir)
The Hacienda on Virago

Pirates at Play, by Violet Trefusis - introduction by Lisa St Aubin de Teran (Virago, 1996 - theatre)
Pirates at Play on Virago

A Valley in Italy (1995, Harper Collins 2000 - novel)
A Valley in Italy at Harper Collins

Great Railway Journeys (Series 2-Ep.5 "Santos to Santa Cruz" - 1994 - BBC TWO)
Great Railways Journeys on Wikipedia

Nocturne (Penguin Books, 1993 - novel)
Nocturne on Amazon

Venice: The Four Seasons (1993 - travel book in four parts)
Venice: The Four Seasons on Amazon

Marble Mountain and Other Stories (1989 - short stories)

Joanna, (Virago, 1987 - novel)
Joanna on Amazon

The Bay of Silence (Franklin Watts, 1986 - novel)

The Tiger (Franklin Watts, 1985 - novel)
The Tiger on Amazon

A High Place (Jonathan Cape, 1985 - poetry)

The Slow Train to Milan (1983)
(Winner John Llewellyn Rhys Prize)

Keepers of the House (1982, republished Virago 2005 - novel)
(Winner Somerset Maugham Award)
Keepers of the House on Virago


  1. Thank you Lisa for your wonderful stories they have been constant companions throughout my life. I have drawn courage and inspiration from many elements in them and always read "Venice the four seasons" when Melbourne's hideous Winter lays me low annually with flu...I just escape into the city through yr dream like images. Even surviving ex husbands with mental illness spoke hugely to me also...just wondering though..I never read anywhere about why you left your historic house in Italy or the story behind this..loved yr journey into Italian life and the determination behind yr renovation. Gee would so love to know about yr journey beyond this part of yr life : )

    1. I would like to know that as well. I love your writing.

  2. Thank you so much. I am just seeing your comments now. I will publish my autobiography - Better Broken than New - in January 2024. I think it will answer all those questions and from October, there will be my blog.