Mozambique Mysteries

"Teran's writing has won many accolades and one can see why: it is vivid, intense and nicely cadenced"
New Statesman

"A good example of what a little foreign money and local determinations can achieve... this book bears witness to a good kind of madness, of which many will be jealous" 

"Inspirational... an excellent first-hand guide to Mozambique" 

"Her new incarnation is possibly her most extraordinary yet . . . She conjures up the hypnotic effect the place had on her in some of the book's lyrical passages - deserted, crystal-water beaches, tropical mangroves, half-ruined colonial palaces are described lovingly - but she's equally concerned with communicating the shocking poverty in this forgotten corner of Africa"
Irish Times

Swallowing Stones
"A beautifully written, utterly convincing novel... it is tempting to read Swallowing Stones as if it were a real autobiography. It is tantalisingly unclear how close it is to the truth."
New Statesman

"A delightful ramble through five decades of international political intrigue.... The narrative entices and fascinates with its breadth and scope."
Publishers Weekly

"A novel about greed, love, cruelty, truth and poetry. Dazzling"

Memory Maps
"Compelling and quixotic"

"Powerfully engrossing'

"The book has a river-like quality: the journey is unpredicatable but enlightening, and a delight at every turn."

"Sensual impressionistic prose that recreates vividly her experiences"
The Times

"Its power leaves you awed and grateful and eager to flick to the start and, with trembling fingers, begin again"

The Hacienda
"She writes with extraordinary vividness and clarity - she faces reality with a courage and skill that left me not knowing which to admire more: her gift as a writer or that she had the guts to carve out a place for herself in such an unforgiving world."
Independent, London

"A transfixing performance"
New York Times Book Review


The Palace
"An exotic and bewitching fable of ninetenth-century Venice from "a literary tiger."
The Times, London

"A vivid, at time stunning, depiction of Italian village life past and present - and a first rate portrayal of the heart's yearning and the vitality of love."
Kirkus Reviews 

"An Italian Les Enfants du Paradis"
The Independent, London

The Slow Train to Milan 
(Winner John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, 1983)
"Lisa St Aubin de Teran is a fine writer"
Philip Horne, London Review of Books

Keepers of the House
(Winner Somerset Maugham Award, 1982)
"Exceptional first novel, richly evocative and cunningly crafted"

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