Sunday 4 November 2012

These are family days. Lolly, my youngest daughter arrived today from Italy. And Charline, my stepdaughter who we have been nursing for the past three months after a car crash, walked this weekend without fdrutches for the first time and even danced again.

between such delights, I am still editing. I am on my third week of editing a short story trilogy: The Golden Anchor, He Came to me Like a Humming Bird, and The Wish. They are love stories set in Mossuril on the edge of the Indian Ocean and the main character is a girl, Nina, who feels unaccountably different and discontented until she falls in love and elopes.

I get up very early to get back to the task and I stay up late, addicted to honing and paring.

I see lots of people reading this blog and that makes me feel good.

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